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Getting Your Body In Balance

Your body in balance

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There are two parts to your body. They are distinct but interrelated.

One part is the lean body. And the other, for lack of a better term, we'll call the fat body.

They're not at war. But they have different structure and different functions.

Lean body

Your lean body is what moves you. It is what let's you take stairs two at a time. Ride a bike. Throw a softball.

It is what let's you pick up the baby. Trim the hedge. Take a walk on a beautiful spring day.


It's what your metabolism is all about. Your lean body burns the calories. It makes the energy. It is what makes you strong and lean and healthy and sexy.

Your lean body controls your hormones. Your cortisol -- the stress hormone. And insulin -- the sugar hormone.

Your lean body keeps your sugar in check. So you don't get diabetes.

And it controls the metabolism of your cholesterol to protect your heart and your arteries from strokes and heart attacks.

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Appetite and mood

And your lean body controls your appetite. So you get hungry when you should be hungry. For good food. That digests properly.

And it helps with the physical aspects of your mood. Because if you are not healthy you can be miserable.

The stronger your lean body becomes the easier it is to look great and feel great. To feel good about yourself and about life.

Fat body

Your fat body is important too.

You need fat for energy storage. If you didn't have it you'd be at risk of starving to death between meals.

Fat cushions our internal organs, like the heavy fat that surrounds the kidneys.

And it keeps us warm. You'd be shivering at the slightest drop of temperature without it.

Out of control

So the lean body and the fat body are not enemies. In health they work together.

But when one gets out of control then the entire body suffers.

And if your fat body gets out of control you can have lots of trouble. Cholesterol. Heart disease. Diabetes. Depression. Even asthma.

You get cravings. For junk food. Even for alcohol.

You actually can -- and you should -- add up the things you are doing in your life that are making your body out of control.

Lean body regulates

In a healthy body these two functions are self regulating. In a healthy body the lean body keeps the fat body in check.

What happens if you are lean and healthy and you overeat? Your body adjusts.

Your appetite is less for a few days. You get an appetite for more protein rich foods. Your body demands to be exercised.

And a few days later you are back to normal. Lean and strong and healthy.

Fat body suppresses

But if your fat body is out of control the lean body is suppressed. The feedback mechanisms don't work.

Then if you overeat nothing happens. You just store the extra calories as fat.

Then you overeat again. Still nothing. More fat.

Metabolic syndrome

Blood sugar spikes -- and stays there.

Blood pressure creeps up.

Inflammation sets in. Blood vessels get corroded and damaged.

And still no response from the lean body. It is overwhelmed.

Doctors call this the metabolic syndrome. It means your body is dying. It is dying slowly, true. But dying nonetheless.

Can you bring your body back to life?

Yes, you can. If it has been a long time and if the weight has really been excessive then it takes longer. But you can find a real solution to your weight problem. It can be done.

It is kind of like going over the top of a hill. Lean body is in a valley on one side. Fat body is in a valley on the other side.

You're supposed to be on the lean body side. That's normal for these human bodies. That's natural.

When you are on the lean body side of the hill and you overeat or don't exercise you get a little flab. You start to creep up the hill toward the fat side.

But your body is smart. It knows what is happening. And it turns on the juice and it sheds those few pounds and there you are. You're back where you're supposed to be.

The fat body fights your diet

But let's say you are on the other side of the hill. On that side of the hill the fat body is working against you. And the lean body has gone to sleep.

You decide to climb the hill. You want to get over to the lean side.

So you go on a diet. You're eating better. And you start to climb the hill -- trying to get over to the lean side.

But you haven't been taking care of yourself. And your fat body is in charge.

So you get hungry. Real hungry. So you eat food that makes you fat. Two bags of Oreo cookies. Or a gallon of ice cream.

And down you go.

The fat body fights exercise

Or you decide to exercise to lose weight. You take a walk and you feel better. You're really going to make it this time.

You start to workout at the gym. You're really making some progress.

And then the fat body raises its ugly head. It doesn't want to do anything. It doesn't want to go to the gym.

Your fat body rebels. It wants to sit there.

So you sit there. And you slip back to the bottom.

The laws of motion

Do you think that the laws of the real world don't apply to you? Well, as far as your body goes they do.

Isaac Newton (the famous English physicist, mathematician and astronomer -- he lived from 1643-1727 ) found something that has to do with you losing weight. He said that a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

That's you. That's your body. If you are at rest you tend to stay at rest.

Bodies at rest decay

And that means at rest for your arms and legs and blood and hormones and fat and all the rest.

And so if you don't move much you tend to get weak and fat and have blood clots and your cells don't work right and your blood sugar goes sky high.

That's the bad part.

Bodies in motion thrive

But the good part? He also found out that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. And so once you get over the hump it gets easier and easier. You make progress to your goals.

The weight tends to come off by itself. You like to exercise more. You get healthier. Happier. More attractive.

Your lean body goal

So the fat body is the body at rest.

The lean body is the body in motion.

So we've got to get you over the top of the hill. To the easier side. To the better side. To the lean body side. And with a healthy weight loss plan you can get there.

Do you see now what we are trying to accomplish?

Reach your goals

Do you want to reach your goals? Then you should your copy of Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan. You'll be glad you did.

"Start where you are with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied."

George Washington Carver

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