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A Simple Walking Program For Weight Loss

The pleasure of a nice walk

woman walking in woods

You've heard of the "simple pleasures" of life?

If you haven't done it in a while you might not know it, but walking can be one of life's real pleasures.

A nice walk can get you "away from it all."

It can be a time to turn off life and its worries. It can be a little vacation for yourself.

Turn off the noise

A time with no ringing phones. No blaring television. No commercials. No interruptions.

Nothing but a time to stretch your legs and get some air in your lungs and air out your head a little.

Its a chance to get out there in the fresh air and clean out the cobwebs.

What to wear?

Get some good shoes. It's no picnic to walk when your feet hurt. They make special shoes just for walking. Or you can wear running shoes. They give you more spring in your step.

Make sure your clothes are comfortable. Wear layers if it's cool. You need to be able to take off the outside layer because you are going to warm up.

Do you live where it rains a lot? Get a lightweight waterproof running suit. Don't let a little drizzle stop you.

How about a treadmill?

A treadmill is better than nothing, but you cannot compare a treadmill to a walk outdoors.

On a treadmill you get only a little of the benefit you get from a real walk. So it is not the best use of your time.

You want to maximize the benefits from your walking program. You can only do this if you are actually walking.

The treadmill tries to duplicate the movements of walking but it's not the same. Try it and you'll see. Use a treadmill set on an incline. Then walk up a hill. You'll see the difference.

Mall walking

The mall is better than sitting at home. But it's not like a walk outdoors. A walk outdoors gives you a chance to see new things.

Maybe there are flowers in bloom. Or clouds in the sky. Or birds. Or a building from a new angle. Or just a bare patch of land.

Where should you go?

A new path is best. A new place each day, even if it is only one new block or alleyway, or the same street but the opposite direction.

You'll see new things. And old things from a new perspective.

Why the emphasis on seeing something new? It's because the exercise is only a part of what you'll get from your walking program. After you do it you'll know what I mean. Life will start to look better.

The pace and the distance

Step out briskly. You'll go farther. That way you can get somewhere new.

A leisurely stroll is nice. But after you've been on the walking program for a while you can pick up the pace. Use the Borg scale. It will help you adjust your pace for best results.

Walk for an hour. You have that much time. And it will get you somewhere. You can get out of your neighborhood and see something new.

Take a walking stick

It helps with balance. It makes you feel like a real walker. And when you see it propped in the corner at home it reminds you that it's time to take a walk.

You know those old guys you've seen with the walking stick? They know something. Walking sticks work. And by the way, those old guys you see walking live to be 100 years old. Something to think about.

Walking and stress

Are you under too much pressure? Don’t carry your troubles on the walk with you. Leave them at home.

Maybe when you get back they won't seem as bad. This is also known as "take a vacation from your worries."

And if you've had a little argument the wife? Or husband? Or boyfriend? You'll feel better when you get back from your walk. You might even be in love again!

Weight loss

The formula for weight loss? Do these simple steps. Keep it up.

And if you have any kind of reasonable diet, in time you will get to your goal weight. Wouldn't that be nice?

You'll feel better

When you start the walking program you're going to feel better. Why? You'll have improved circulation. You'll sleep better.

You'll tone up your muscles. Burn calories. And lose weight.

Walking is a must if you tend to be depressed. Or worried. Or under too much pressure. It's a cure for what ails you.

Get started

So do it. Get up and get out. If an hour is too much for you at first, then build up to it.

If you can only make it to the corner and back, then do that. Tomorrow you can do a little more.

But don't sell yourself short. You can do more. And you want to see those pounds melt away, don't you?

Walking adds up to doing better, feeling better, looking better. That's a pretty big payoff for something so simple!

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