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Circuit Training Routines

Circuit training is your next step after you have started walking or another cardio program. It fits in between cardio (walking, running, and biking) and heavy resistance training.

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With cardio you get the heart going and you raise your metabolism. But you don't do much for building up the muscles.

And your muscles are what burns up the calories--both while you work out and later at rest.

The heavy resistance training -- weight lifting, pushups, pull-ups -- is what really builds up your muscles. But it doesn't get your heart going. You don't really work up much of a sweat.

Circuit training is a super metabolism booster

Circuit training sort of fits in between these two, cardio and weight training. It pumps the muscles, tones up the circulation and revs up your metabolism!

If you do it right you are going to get fit, toned and lean, and you are going to take off weight. Sounds good, no?

Doing what works

When you are going to exercise you need a good program that you can do.

And one that is going to really help you. One that is going to make you feel better and look better.

You can start with a simple, fast and easy routine. That will get you going and get your metabolism working.

Get lean -- get strong

If you do circuit training right you can get a great cardio workout. That way you get the best of both worlds -- toned muscles and cardiovascular fitness.

Circuit training can give you a great whole body workout.

You will be stronger, leaner, healthier and sexier. And those old clothes will fit again! How about that?

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