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Weight Loss Tools -- Making It A Little Easier

Fine tune your efforts

woman measuring her waist

Did anybody tell you losing weight was easy? Well, it's not.

So you have to give yourself every advantage. And one advantage is using all the tools you can to make it easier.

With weight loss every little bit helps.

If you keep at it -- if you keep learning more about weight loss and about nutrition -- if you keep fine tuning your diet and your exercise -- you are going to be successful.

Tools for success

And one way to fine tune your efforts is to use these tools.

Will they do the whole job for you? No. But they can help.

Can they help you over a plateau? Yes.

Can they help you keep track of where you are and where you are headed? Yes.

Can they make you successful when you weren't successful before? Yes.

Can they make it a little easier? Yes.

So, where do you start?

You start by measuring your food.

Why? Because the most common thing I hear from people who "can't lose weight" is that they don't eat too much.

Well, maybe they don't eat too much. OK. But how much do they eat? They don't know.

That's the point. You have to know.

Measuring body fat

If you really want to be successful you need to measure your body fat. That way you can tell if you are losing fat or muscle.

Or you can use this online calculator to estimate your body fat. All it takes is a few quick measurements with a tape measure.

The scale

Then you have keep track of your weight. How often should you weigh yourself?

Chart your progress

And when you weigh yourself what do you do with the information? You put it on a graph.

That way, with a single glance you can tell how much progress you are making.

No graph paper? No problem. You can print this very helpful graph.

You can also print this graph labeled with instructions to make it easy for you to use.

If you left click it the graph opens and you can print it. If you right click it you can save it to your computer. Make as many copies as you need and feel free to share it.

It comes as a pdf (portable data file) so you'll need a program like Adobe Reader (which is probably on your computer.) If not, you can download Adobe Reader here. (It opens in a new window.)

Body mass index

Once you know your weight you can calculate your body mass index (BMI.) The BMI is helpful because it is an easy way to tell if you are overweight or not.

But more importantly, it helps you keep track of your progress as you take off those extra pounds.

With this free online BMI calculator, you don't even have to do the math.

Ideal waist size

And finally, the tale of the tape. Find out how the tape measure can help keep you healthy and help you reach your weight loss goals. What is your ideal waist size?

So dig in and use these tools. They can really help you take off the weight and keep it off!

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