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Do You Ask Yourself, "Why Do I Overeat?"

"I know I'm eating too much. I just can't seem to help it..."

With weight loss, knowledge is power...

woman with a large bar of chocolate
  • Losing weight is mostly mental.
  • But that doesn't mean "willpower."
  • No. It's just this: the more you know about weight loss the easier it will be for you to lose weight.
  • First answer questions like, "Why do I overeat?"
  • And this leads to control. Simple but powerful.

Lies and nonsense

I'll give you an example. Let's say you've been watching TV. And the TV tells you that you can lose weight in your sleep without exercise and eat all you want to. You've seen those ads, right?

Now, let's say you believe that. You get the idea that it's true, that it's possible to lose weight. In your sleep. Without exercise. And eat all you want to.

Well, you can't. It's not possible. It doesn't work that way. Have you tried it? Where are you now?

False information

This is vital: Just that much false information can keep you from losing weight. You end up walking around asking, "Why am I overweight? Why do I overeat?" And you don't get anywhere.

That kind of false information ties up your mind in a bad way. It seems like a solution to you. It should work.

After all, the "expert" said it was true. But it doesn't work for you. But you still think it should. And it stops you in your tracks.

You keep trying to lose weight that way. And you keep failing.

And then you don't learn about what really does work. Because you get stuck on the other false idea. The one that didn't work.

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."

Foster C. McClellan

You become the expert

So, what do you do? What do you do if you really want to lose weight and have a nice body? If you want to really find out, "Why do I overeat?"

First, forget the other "experts." Click this link to an article that shows why YOU have to become a weight loss expert. A real expert -- not a fake.

You have to unlearn all the unworkable things you were told. And learn what really does work. When you do you will understand, "Why do I overeat?" and you'll know what to do about it.

What works -- and what doesn't

Click this link to find more about the basics of weight loss. This is what works. The fundamental truths -- and there are some basic truths about weight loss that always work -- are not complicated and they will work for you.

It has to do with what to eat. And when to eat it. Food composition. Activity. Lifestyle changes you need to make. And what you must avoid. Real answers to "Why do I overeat?"

When you finally understand these things well -- when the light comes on -- you won't be able to be fooled anymore.

Extreme diets

Make sure to read this article about extreme diets and what they do to you. How they affect your health. How they sap your metabolism.

And how they lead to hypoglycemia, hunger, binge eating and weight gain.

Lose weight with the simplest diet

You'll want to click this link to understand the simplest diet.

And how the simplest diet can lead you naturally to permanent weight loss. And without making you excessively hungry.

Binge eating

If you're too hungry you'll have trouble with overeating. And if you don't get the right foods at the right times you'll end up binge eating.

There is a lot you can do with planning, what you eat and when you eat it. Be sure to follow this link to an article that tells how to stop overeating.

You'll find information on protein, fat and carbohydrate that you really need to know if you really want to lose weight.

You'll find how to go through your diet and figure out just how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you need.

But if you want to find out the easy way, just use this online protein, fat and carbohydrate calculator.


Is counting calories high on your list of things that you hate to do? But what if it helped you take some inches off your hips? Your waist? Your thighs?

Where to start? Click this link to find out about calories for weight loss. And use the online calculator on that page to find out how many calories you really need.

And then be sure to read this essential information about daily calorie needs for you to lose weight.

Ruining your diet

You know how to make your diet better. But how about making it worse?

There are two sides to everything. Do you know the best way to ruin a diet?

Skipping meals to lose weight

Do you skip meals? If you do you are making yourself into a fat storing machine.

Find out how skipping meals is making you fat.

Sleep to lose weight

It will be very difficult for you to lose weight if you do not get enough sleep. When the amount of sleep goes down the body mass index goes up.

And you're more likely to develop diabetes and have trouble dealing with stress.


Do you like to go out to eat? Then you need to see this vital article that shows you how restaurant food is a trap if you want to be lean and healthy. You can eat a full day's calories in one meal in a restaurant.

Eating in restaurants can make it too hard for you to lose weight. And some restaurants are worse than others.

Maybe your favorite restaurant qualifies as the World's Worst Restaurant For Dieters. Take a look at some of the worst restaurant diet disasters. And even place your own vote!

And if you eat a lot of meals in restaurants -- let's just face facts here -- you will never have the body you want.

Sugar substitutes

There are landmines on the road to your goals. These are things that ruin your progress. You try hard -- and you do what you think is right -- and you still can't lose weight.

One of the things that will keep you from losing weight is -- surprise, surprise -- artificial sweeteners. Like NutraSweet in your Diet Coke. Or Equal in your coffee.

These things will make you have cravings. Cravings for sweets and sugar. Artificial sweeteners, no matter how much you like them or think they help you, are one of the answers to, "Why do I overeat?"

The fact is, artificial sweeteners are making you fat.

Diet pills

Life can be hard. It's natural to want to make it easier. And when you're trying to lose weight nothing sounds easier that taking diet pills. But that doesn't help you in the long run, because you never figure out, "Why do I overeat?" So in the long run you don't get anywhere.

Take a pill -- lose weight. Without being hungry. Fast. Easy.

But are diet pills really going to give you the body you want?


If you really want to stop overeating and lose weight you should click every link on this page. Every one of these articles is designed to get you closer to your ideal weight. All of these things have something to do with overeating. They help you answer, "Why do I overeat?"

Losing weight isn't easy. You need all the help you can get. Don't overlook the details.

The simplest answer to "Why do I overeat?" is that you are overly tired and overly hungry. You'll find all the ideas here are designed to give you more natural, healthy energy. And when you have energy you don't overeat.

And that's going to make you a clean, lean, fat-burning machine!

Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was."

Robert Louis Stevenson

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