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Get Organized To Lose Weight

"I really need to lose weight but I don't know where to start..."

Why organize? Because organization equals success

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The most successful people in any area are the best organized. It's the same with weight loss.

If you want to make losing weight easier -- to get the body you want as fast and easy as humanly possible -- then get organized. A little organization goes a long way.

  • Each of the tips and techniques on this page will give a little boost to your weight loss results.
  • Use any of them and you'll lose more weight and have an easier time of it.
  • Use them all and you can guarantee your success.
  • It's simple. Follow each of the links on this page. They go to key articles that can really make a difference.
  • Each highlighted point will guide to a little closer to that trim body you want. Taken together, they're are a powerhouse.

Why is it so easy to gain weight?

Have you ever looked in disbelief or even disgust at your belly, your thighs, your butt, your saggy arms, and said, "But I don't eat that much!" Well, there's some truth to that.

So why is it that you don't have to eat that much to gain weight? Click here to find out why this is.

When you have a clearer idea of why you gain weight, you'll want to know all you can about what to do about it.

"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being."


The weight loss notebook

There is one simple tool that can really help you get organized and take off the pounds. It is valuable and it is powerful.

What is it? It's the weight loss notebook.

You'll want to take a look at these quick tips on using the notebook to help you lose weight fast.

You use it to record your progress. It tells you where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. It remembers things so you don't have to.

How to make it work

To be effective it has to be done right. It's not hard, just a few simple steps.

Like everything, it's easier if you do it right. Here's some more vital information at this link on how to using food diary and exercise log will make your weight loss faster and easier and more successful overall.

Your food diary

When you see why you gain weight you'll understand the importance of the food diary. Until you get organized with a food diary you probably won't really understand what it can do for you.

You should first understand the purpose of a food diary.

And there are some things you should know about how a food diary will help you lose weight.

Your exercise journal

There's something just as important as your food diary. And that is your exercise journal.

The exercise journal can help make it easier and faster for you to lose weight. And it can get you back on track when you aren't seeing the results that you should.

The yin and yang of weight loss

So what does all this add up to? It's just this: There are two parts of you. There's the lean body, all the parts that are burning calories and contributing to your overall metabolism. And there's the fat, the energy storage and insulation that covers your entire body. It's the squishy, jiggly part just under the skin and surrounding your abdominal organs, the part that you are dying to get rid of.

If they're not in balance you'll have a terrible time losing weight. But when they're in balance -- when the storage and the metabolism are working for you and not against you -- you will be able to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Make sure you follow this link to find out how to get your body in balance.

Use your tools and succeed

So it's time for you to get started. Right now. Use these tools. They will help you.

If you are overweight and unhappy about it and are having trouble losing those extra pounds, there is a reason why. And you can probably find the answer on this page or by following the links. Something can be done, and it's time to do it.

Yes, you really can have the body you have always hoped for.

And by the way, if you are ready to lose weight for good then I recommend you get a copy of my book, Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan. Read it and follow it and you will be successful.

"If I feel depressed, I go to work. Work is always an antidote to depression."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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