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Junk Food Calories Are Making You Fat

These foods go straight to FAT

Chicken and beer

Here they are -- the three kinds of junk food calories that are murdering your diet:

  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Fatty foods
  • Alcohol

From your lips to your hips

You eat refined carbohydrates -- like sugary soft drinks, candy, cookies, and cake.

They hit your stomach and almost instantly flood your blood. And WHAM! your blood sugar shoots out of sight.

Insulin races in. Then insulin drives the sugar into the cells where it is stored as fat. And your fat cells suck up every drop of that fat -- hips, belly, thighs...

Then it gets worse

Fatty food doesn't even have to be converted to fat. It already is fat. Any extra fat calories? You know where they're going!

And fat does not give you the metabolism boost of protein. So it doesn't help burn calories.

What are we talking about here? French fries. Potato chips. Chicken nuggets for breakfast.

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is just calories, pure and simple.

Alcohol has almost as many calories per gram as fat does, and it can't be made into anything the body needs.

But alcohol can be made into fat. That is why they call it a "beer gut."

Eating too much of any of these will certainly spoil your weight loss efforts.

But there may be something worse. You should know about the deadly combination!

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