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A Free Exercise Plan Will Help You Look Gorgeous!

You must read this even if you are never going to exercise

man doing tricep extensions with dumbbell

Let me tell you a little story:

When I was writing one of my weight loss books, Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan, I had it edited by Jennifer Carson, a very fine editor who also happens to be an attorney.

Jennifer is very bright and has a keen eye for editing, looking out for those details that make the writing easier to read and more accurate.

One day we were talking and I mentioned something about some exercises -- what people could do to get in shape.

They just want to be thin

Her response to me was, "People don't want to get in shape! They just want to be thin!"

I couldn't have been more shocked.

Well, of course people want to be thin. It's obvious with all the books and diet fads and headlines. They even have a saying, "You can't be too rich or too thin."

Do YOU want to be in good shape?

But her comment about people not wanting to get into shape really sort of shocked me. Who wouldn't want to be in shape?

Being in shape is fun and healthy and feels good and makes you look gorgeous!

So completely aside from the fact that you definitely can be too thin, what about the getting in shape part? Wouldn't you like to be in shape?

Be sure to read the article at this link. It gives some of the reasons for you to start an exercise plan today.

In fact, you would like to be in good shape, except...

  • you think it's impossible,
  • or it's just too hard to do,
  • or maybe you just don't realize how wonderful your body feels when you are in the condition you should be in.

Strong is sexy

Have you ever seen those Latin dancers? You know, the samba, the tango. Latin dance is hot and it is very sexy.

The dancers have gorgeous bodies, strong arms, muscular legs, and lean stomachs. They are in shape and they are hot.

They sure didn't get that way from body wraps or some weight loss pill.

They didn’t get that way from dieting -- from starving themselves.

And not having to starve -- that's probably the best reason to exercise!

No, they eat right and they move their bodies.

And they are in beautiful, fantastic shape.

Beautiful body

And anybody would kill to have a body like that.

So you do want to get in shape! You might not think you can do what it takes to get there. But you want the result. That's for sure!

So what do you do? Well, at least take a look at this exercise plan that you can do. This is what you could do, what works, what doesn’t.

Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

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