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Grade Your Progress -- Weight Loss Success

"I'm not happy with the way I look. What can I do?"

At your goal?
A weight loss success?
Or overweight and suffering?

woman looking at belly in mirror

You can grade your weight loss progress from A to F, the way they do grades in school.

Here is how to grade your results:

For an A:

  • You are at your goal weight.
  • You are maintaining your weight.
  • You are keeping active.
  • You are happy with yourself.
  • You have successful weight loss.

For a B:

  • You've got those extra 10 pounds.
  • Your clothes are a little tight at times.
  • You are exercising fairly well.
  • You are not quite happy with the way you look.

For a C:

  • You are not eating too badly, but you definitely could do better.
  • You are wearing a size or two larger.
  • You stopped exercise.
  • You feel fat.

For a D:

  • You eat junk food on a regular basis, and not much good healthy food.
  • You are way over your ideal weight.
  • You don't exercise.
  • You hate the way you look.

For an F:

  • You eat anything and everything.
  • You binge.
  • You get very little activity.
  • You are limited by your weight.
  • Your health is suffering.

So how are you doing?

Take a look at these simple guides. And then take a look at what you are doing. Where do you fit?

To move up a level you can just adjust your diet and activities a bit. Let your body have time to adjust and you'll see the results.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier

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