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A Real Solution To A Very Serious Weight Problem

All right, now what is a real solution to your weight?

First of all, you don't have to lose weight. If you want to stay heavy that's your right. It doesn't make you a bad person.

But look, I recommend that you do whatever you can to find a real solution to take the weight off.

And why is that? Why do I think you should slim down, when I've made it clear, over and over, that you're perfectly fine the way you are?

Your life can be better

It's because life is better when you're not heavy. And I would like you to have the best life possible. That's all.

How is it better? Well, your clothes fit better. You feel more comfortable.

You breathe easier. You can walk up stairs. You can RUN up stairs.

You can chase your dog. Or your kids. Or grandkids.

You can take a walk. Or a hike. Or climb a mountain.

Life can be better in a thousand ways when you have a real solution and you don't have too much extra weight to carry around.

No quick fix

First, I'll tell you what I don't believe in. I don't believe in pills for weight loss. They're not a real solution.

I don't like pills at all if you can avoid them. They're not normal for your body. They're poisons.

And I don't like surgery. I saw a 44-year-old man die after weight loss surgery. Yes, I know, most people don't die. But he did. Anyway, it's not necessary. And it doesn't really get you what you want to accomplish.

And I don't like the "quick fix." Why not? Because it's not a real solution. Because a year later you are where you started, or worse. Some fix. You need an actual solution to your weight loss problem.

So what do you want to accomplish?

Well, what you SHOULD want to accomplish is this: getting the weight off and getting a real solution and getting your body working like it's supposed to work.

Nothing more and nothing less than that.

See, these human bodies are not supposed to be so heavy. They're not meant to carry so much extra weight. That's why they break down when they're so heavy.

That's why your joints break down. Your blood pressure gets high. You get diabetes. Just too much stress on the body.

So what you should want is to get the weight off and get your body working like it's supposed to work. That's it.

So what works?

Here's the answer in the simplest form: If you live the life of a thin person you become a thin person.

What do you do if you want to look like a dancer? You dance.

Do you starve yourself? No. Dancers have to eat. They need energy. You need energy.

Fact: The choices you are making in your life are a far cry from the choices you should be making.

And you'll never get the weight off doing what you are doing. And one small change, one diet pill, one new diet is not going to change that.

And whatever you think about this -- good or bad -- you are going to have to start a new life.

Happier -- better -- more satisfying

So you've got to make changes. You might think that's bad. But actually, you should think it's good.

After all, it will make your life much better, much happier, much easier, much more satisfying.

You've got to take it a step at a time. There's a lot for you to do. It won't get done today. It will take a while.

Small steps

But you'll see -- if you give it a fair try -- that if you start with these few small steps I'm outlining here you will see a dramatic transformation in your life. It can become better than you ever thought it could.

Where to start? Read a new page on this site every day. People don't read web sites. They scan them.

But you, you need to read it. After you read a page, read it again. There's a lot of information.

When you're really ready to lose weight you should get a copy of my weight loss book. It can really help you.

After a while it will become part of you. And you'll finally, eventually, see the truth and you'll be able to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.

A big goal

You need a goal for yourself. Make it real. Write it down.

Learn something about nutrition. You may know something about it. You need to know more.

Inspect your food choices.

Increase your activity. Activity is one of the joys of life. Don't rob yourself of it.

It's time for you to push yourself

Don't like to exercise? That's just your body talking. Of course you don't like exercise. You have gotten out of communication so badly with your body -- that you can't stand the feelings you get.

You will not feel well until you get moving. You have to get out in the world and get active.

Lift your spirits

Walking is close to a cure-all for what ails you. And there is little you can do to lift depression like running.

And you simply must find out what weight training has to do with YOU losing weight.

As strange as it probably sounds to you -- as impossibly foreign to your life -- when you are lifting a weight and pushing yourself to get that last repetition your mind isn't on your troubles and worries. It can let your mind rest for a few minutes.

Eighty-year-olds lift weights. So can you.

And these things are what is going to change your life and make it what it should become -- when you start to push yourself. It's time.

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