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Weight Loss Update

"You can look better, feel better, improve your health and lengthen your life..." -- Dr. Dan

Huge fan of the GM 7 day Diet

First I would like to say this is my first review ever writing, I just enjoyed this diet so much I wanted other people to try it. I was recommenced the

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Losing 100 pounds in 4 months

Don't know why but the Atkins diet was a total success for me! I started the diet May 1st at 275 lbs and by August 4th I was 175 lb. By only eating few

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4 Things to Remember before Heading Somewhere

Travelling to different countries is fun, but sometimes people get too excited with their travel that they forget their own health in the process. You

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My Weight Loss Advisor

Dr. Dan can help you lose weight without gimmicks, false solutions and empty promises. Look better. Feel better. Improve your health. Lengthen your life...

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Nutrition And Exercise -- How To Cure Slow Metabolism

The new guide to the right nutrition and exercise to help you to your weight loss goal...

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Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan

Do you have serious problems with your weight? Is your weight affecting your health? Is it affecting you emotionally? Then please read this message carefully...

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Weight Loss Exercise Program -- Weight Training

Some people think weight training is only for bodybuilders. Others are afraid they will get too bulky. If you think that working out with weights is not for you, you can miss out on one of the best experiences in your life.

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Weight Loss Advice -- 5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Now

'It sounds easy, but it's not working! What am I doing wrong?' These helpful tips will get you on track...

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A Real Solution To A Very Serious Weight Problem

You are very overweight, you have a very serious problem and you need a real solution. Here's something that can help you.

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