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Weight Loss Advice -- 5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Now

Tip #1 Reexamine what you think you know

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I know you've heard this: All you need to do to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. Right?

It sounds right. It seems like it makes sense.

Eat less -- lose weight. Exercise more -- lose weight. Nothing could be easier. That's all you have to do! So simple. It sounds like good advice.

The only ones that say that all you have to do to lose weight is eat less and exercise more are people who never had to lose weight themselves. This may be the most unhelpful advice ever given.

Tip #2 Just because it sounds easy doesn't mean it is

Everything is easy if you never had to do it yourself. Weight loss is easy if you never had to struggle to lose weight. But look, does this advice help you in any way?

You've lost weight before. But it came right back, didn't it? You dieted -- that's the "eat less" part -- and you lost weight. But then you regained what you lost.

So you see it isn't really true that all you have to do is eat less and you will lose weight.

  • It doesn't explain why you gain weight so easily.
  • It doesn't explain what dieting does to your metabolism.
  • It doesn't help with the cravings.
  • It doesn't tell you about different body types.

"If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it."

Marcus Aurelius

Tip #3 Don't keep doing things that aren't working

They tell you, "Just eat less." Eat less of what? What foods are best? How much less should you eat?

If eating less is such a simple way to lose weight, then how about not eating at all? That would be one of the best tips to lose weight, wouldn't it? Except you'd starve to death.

You can just stop alcohol or cigarettes -- you know, go "cold turkey" -- but you can't go cold turkey on food. You have to eat.

So "eat less" is one of those things that sounds so simple. But it's not. There is some truth in it. So the idea sticks. But for most people it's bad weight loss advice and a frustrating dead end.

Tip #4 For maximum results, it's the details that matter

"Exercise more" sounds like it ought to be effective. But where do you start? If it's too easy it won't be effective. If it's too hard you'll be miserable and give up.

You really need to know:

  • Which exercise is best,
  • How much you should do,
  • How much is too much,
  • Which exercise burns up fat,
  • Which exercise is a waste of time,
  • And why the gym is full of people who exercise but are still overweight,

Tip #5 Watch out for "simple" solutions

Some of the worst advice you can get is the most simplistic. It falls into the category of, "If you just didn't eat so much..." How is that helpful?

Weight loss is a difficult problem. And difficult problems, you may have noticed, don't have simple solutions.

Take any big problem in the world as an example. Poverty. Taxes. Social injustice. If you pay attention, you'll hear lots of simple solutions offered for these big problems at the watercooler or the local bar or on television.

"Taxes?," he says. "I'll tell you what to do about taxes. Why, all you'd have to do is..." And then he launches into some pronouncement or other.

But does the problem get solved? No, it doesn't. And that is because complicated problems don't actually have simple solutions. And so when you try to apply simple solutions, they don't get solved.

Here is a test you can apply when you need to know if a solution is the correct one for the problem: Did the problem get solved?

Now, there are two bad aspects to these supposed simple solutions: One, they can make you feel bad about yourself. It can make you feel weak, like you don't have enough willpower. These aren't helpful tips to lose weight. It makes it sound easy when it's not easy.

And two, and probably more important: They keep you from finding out what you really need to know. Why? Because if it's so simple, there must not be anything else you need to know. And that's just not true.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

Beverly Sills

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