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Losing 100 pounds in 4 months

by Thomas

Don't know why but the Atkins diet was a total success for me! I started the diet May 1st at 275 lbs and by August 4th I was 175 lb. By only eating few carbs a day the weight melted off. The nice thing was I didn't work out a single day I was on the diet. After I lost the weight for about a month I eased my self back into the carb world. Now I eat any thing I want but with a new way of going about it. Make sure I don't over eat at meals like I did very frequently when I was bigger. Part from that I am enjoying life 100 pounds lighter and still eating the same crap that made me gain it! Afrer saying that the only reason I or really anybody can loose weight on this system is by sticking to the diet. This diet is by no means a cake walk cutting out major food groups in your diet is never easy . But once you see the weight drop its addictive. I believe losing weight is very mentally demanding having to constantly fight off urges and cravings can be hard to handle. On the same note it's also Very rewarding. Watching the weight drop on the scale and on your self boosts your confidence. And your not the only one seeing the physical changes that are occurring people around you are too. Being told "have you lost weight?" Or "you look way better!" Its a real confidence builder well at least for me it was. Little things like that kept me wanting to loose more and more weight until I was happy with the results. When it comes down to it this diet will work perfect if you Truely and I mean Truely want to loose weight and stick to the die plan. If you do I don't see why you can't loose all the weight you want!

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