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Lose Weight Without Exercise

You answered:
"I know that just another "diet" won't do it. I need to try something new."
"I want to lose weight but exercise is just not for me."

Here's what you should know:

How do you lose weight without exercise?

overweight woman with glasses
  • Well, you've really got your work cut out for you.
  • You have a major problem with your weight, so you have to do something. If you don't it will just get worse. And you are miserable as it is.
  • So what do you do? Well, let's be frank here. You've found out already how hard it is to lose weight. Something has got to change.

No more false promises

You've tried diets. But dieting can be a mistake. As you've learned the hard way, diets don't usually work.

Still, doesn't it make you sick whenever you see ads that say, "Lose 12 pounds a week without dieting!!!" "Lose weight without exercise."

Yet it never seems to work that way for you. If only you could easily lose weight without exercise. How nice that would be.

You know that most of those ads are a load of horse manure nonsense. But you want to believe. And sometimes you still get sucked in by all the promises.

At this point you don't need more promises of something that won't work. You need real help.

So here's step one

The first thing you need to do -- you need to actually do this, right now -- you need to make a decision. Here's the decision: Are you going to finally face the truth or not? See, that's where you start.

Are you going to face the truth or not?

If you aren't going to face the truth, then you can go on doing what you've been doing. It's OK. It's not a crime. It's your life.

But what you've been doing got you where you are right now. Overweight and unhappy about it.

Diet and emotions

But maybe you're not ready to face the truth. It can be hard to face. Food and overeating and your weight have been hard for you for a long time. Being overweight is a very emotional subject.

I understand that. So I understand that you might not be ready to face the truth. See, there's some comfort in the latest "diet." There really is.

The latest diet...or gimmick...or body wrap...whatever, can be very comforting when you are overweight. They tell you it's not your fault. That's nice to hear. Then you don't have to blame yourself.

They tell you it will be easy. That's nice to hear. That way you don't have to worry about something that's too hard for you to do.

They tell you that it's something out of your control -- like food allergies, or your blood type, or whatever. That's nice to hear. That way you are not responsible.

Where does that lead?

All that's nice to hear. I could tell you that too. But I won't. Because if I did you know what would happen?

You'd follow another dead end path. And in a year, in 5 years, in 10 years you'll be right where you are now. Or worse.

Here's the cold hard facts: It's not an allergy. It's not your blood type. It's not going away by taking pills. There's not an easy way out of the mess you are in. Sorry -- but it's true.

But on the bright side here are some other facts: You can lose weight. You can even lose weight without exercise, but it's not the easiest thing to do.

But you can do it. You can. It's not impossible. It just takes you actually doing what works.

Is it in your control?

OK. So what do I mean by doing what works? I mean the things that are in your control that will lead to permanent weight loss.

It's not about your genes. Or about how hard it is for you. How everyone in your family is fat.

You know why? Because none of those things will help you lose weight.

Look at that list again -- your genes, how hard it is for you, your overweight family. Do any of them help you lose weight? No, they don't.

Anything that doesn't help you lose weight, just ignore it. If you don't then you're stuck right where you are now.

Here's another fact: Anything that you need to do to lose weight is within your power to do. You can reach your goal. Others have done it. I've actually done it myself. And so can you.

The trap

OK. So right now you have two ideas -- two ideas that you see and hear and read everywhere you go. These two ideas are drummed into you on TV and radio and in the newspapers and in magazines. The ads are full of these two ideas and billions of dollars are made every year on these two ideas.

The two ideas are these: Weight loss should be fast. Weight loss should be easy. They're a trap. They don't lead to a real solution.

By fast what do they mean? They mean "13 pounds this weekend" fast. By easy what do they mean? They mean "lose weight without exercise while you sleep without dieting" easy.

These two ideas -- fast and easy -- are your downfall. Why? Because they are simply wrong. They're not the basis of permanent weight loss. They won't lead you to anywhere but more losses and more heartache.

You are valuable

Can you get these ideas out of your head? I don't know if you can.

You live in a world where everything is supposed to be fast and easy. Where you lose weight without exercise and without even knowing what's in the food you are eating. Well, what does that get you?

Michelangelo took 4 years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (1508-1512), and after 500 years it stands as one of the great works of art of all time.

Nowadays artists blow paint on a canvas with a fan and call it art. That's the world you live in: everything has to be fast and easy.

So what's the point? The point is this: How long does it take to create something of value that will last?

Well, it simply takes as long as it takes. It does take some time. And it does take some effort.

You are trying to create the body you want. That's a valuable goal. YOU are valuable. It does take some time. And it does take some effort.

See, time and effort. These are exactly opposite from fast and easy. Although there are some tools to help you, nothing will do it for you.

And while fast and easy are easier to sell, where do you end up? You end up fat and unhappy.

A new beginning for you

So you've got some decisions to make for yourself. This is a lot for you to think about. It might not sound too good to you, except for this one hopeful note: This can be the start for you. This can be the turning point in your life. Right now. Today.

You really can lose weight. And you can even lose weight without exercise, but it's more difficult.

It all begins with you, right here, right now, taking a fresh look at things. Deciding to face the truth. Realizing that fast and easy are a trap. Realizing that you can lose weight without exercise, if you are willing to do what it takes.

This is a HUGE step for you to take. It can be a turning point for you.

You might not be ready. I understand that. BUT, if you are ready, and I hope you are, then you can be on your way. And in that case it's time to take a look at what to do next.

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