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Emotion And Motivation To Lose Weight

So what is the connection between your emotions and weight gain or weight loss?

angry man pointing finger

Here's what it is: You can't lose weight if you are unhappy. You can't lose weight if you are depressed. It just won't happen.

And you'll never be happy if there is someone in your life who is tearing you down.

Don't underestimate how important this is. This can be a highly charged emotional area for you.

This can be what is making you fail in life.

You have a right to like yourself

You have a right to like yourself and to like the way you look. You have a right to be healthy and happy.

But you might have someone in your life who doesn't feel the same way. Some people are negative. Some people like to put you down.

Do people criticize you?

Sometimes they are blunt and critical. "That dress makes you look fat." "Hey, haven't you put on some weight?" It can be very damaging.

You lose a few pounds and they say, "Are you on another one of your diets?" And they sneer. It is upsetting.

Sometimes it is upsetting enough to keep you from reaching your goals.

Partly hidden antagonism

Sometimes they are not so obvious. They use subtle put-downs, even just looks and facial expressions. But the effect is the same.

If there is someone who is always critical of you, you will have a very hard time losing weight. It takes an emotional toll on you.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Will someone be jealous?

Is there someone who gets jealous or afraid when you start to lose weight? Maybe they are heavy too. And they feel like they can't lose weight. So they do what they can to stop you.

Are they afraid to lose you? They might worry that you'll be attractive to others. That is a very common reaction.

Talk to them. Tell them that they won't lose you, and that you are improving yourself. If they really care about you they should try to understand.

Give some encouragement and reassurance

Encourage them. Help them to lose weight. Reassure them that you'll still be their friend.

But don't lose sight of your goals. And don't let them stop you from becoming who you want to be.

Make sure they understand how important it is for you. Let them know that you love them and will support them in what they do.

And let them know that you need them to support you in what you are doing. And then make sure that they do.

Get rid of people who put you down

Are there people who bring you down? Are there people around you who make you feel bad about yourself? Who are they?

  • Just acquaintances? Forget about them. Just avoid them. Life is too short.
  • Good friends? Have a talk with them. Tell them their comments hurt. And that it makes it hard for you. Be nice, but make sure they understand. If they don't change and continue to make you feel bad, you should think about who you want as your friends.
  • Relatives? Loved ones? That's harder. But still you can try to talk to them. Let them know that their comments hurt. Let them know that you have goals for yourself and your life, and that you want their support.

Be patient. Be kind. But be firm. You are not going to be a doormat, and you are not going to let anyone ruin your life.

This can be the difference between success and failure for you. Don't let someone sabotage your hopes and dreams. Keep your eyes open for those around you that drag you down.

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