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Keep The Weight Off

You answered:

" I don't have any trouble. I am at my goal weight and I stay there."

" I was heavy but I lost weight. I am able to keep the weight off."

Here's what you should know:

You are one of the fortunate few

happy couple
  • How many people lose weight and are able to keep the weight off? Not many.
  • You clearly know what to do and you are doing it.
  • So how do you make sure you don't gain the weight back?

Keep track of your progress

The most important thing for you is to keep track of what you are doing that is successful.

That is because weight tends to creep up over the years, and if you don't keep an eye on it you might find you have gained weight without noticing.

Keep a small notebook of your daily weights. You do not want to wake up one day and find you gained 20 pounds without noticing.

It can happen--more easily than you would like. How to avoid it? The easiest way is to weigh yourself regularly and keep a record. Write it in your notebook.

What about exercise?

You should keep track of the exercise you do.

At a minimum you should make a quick note that says the date and whether it was cardio exercise, or weight training , or walking, or whatever. Even better would be some details.

For running you can put down distances and times. For weight training you can put down weight and sets and repetitions. Did you know that if you keep records you can double your results?

And diet?

You should put down any significant changes in your diet. Did you find a new treat that you just love? Well, fine. You should be able to have a treat sometimes.

Make sure you are taking steps to avoid food cravings.

If your weight stays stable and you feel good--wonderful!

But what if your clothes start getting a little tight? What if your favorite jeans don't fit? Then what do you do?

The answer is in your notebook

Well, you go to your book:

You look at your weight -- it started to creep up 3 months ago.

Check out the exercise -- you dropped out your Saturday morning run.

Check out the diet -- those fudge brownies -- you were eating them once a week and that was ok. But then you started having them most nights!

OK. So now you know what to do. You take your Saturday morning run. The brownies go back to once a week. You graph your weight.

And PRESTO! A month later your pants fit again.

Do this and you will be able to keep the body you want.

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