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Can a simple weight graph help you lose weight?

Here's how it can help keep you on track

woman marking progress on a graph

A graph -- just a piece of paper with lines on it. You mark your weight now. You mark your weight as you go along.

Why should you? Because it helps you lose weight. And it's easy.

If this sounds like going back to school it's not.

Use regular graph paper. Or just use a sheet of notebook paper with lines on it. Just add the vertical lines (up and down) and you have graph paper.

Or better yet, you can print this graph.

And to make it easier you can also print this graph that is labeled with instructions for use.

If you left click it the graph opens and you can print it. If you right click it you can save it to your computer. Make as many copies as you need and feel free to share it.

It comes as a pdf (portable data file) so you'll need a pdf reader, like Adobe Reader (which is probably on your computer.) If not, you can download Adobe Reader for free here (opens in new window, and don't worry, it's the official Adobe site and it is virus free.)

Here's how to do it

Write in the dates along the bottom. You are going to weigh yourself every day so make a graph for the month.

Just mark your starting weight on the left and make a dot. Then go to the last day of the month and put a dot at your goal weight.

Let's say you want to lose 6 pounds (about 4 kg) this month. That's about the amount of weight you can lose and keep off.

So you just mark where you will be at the end of the month. Just put a mark at your goal weight on the last day. Now connect the two lines.

When you weigh yourself put a mark on the graph. It takes 2 seconds.

You get the big picture

Now look -- you just glance at the weight graph and you see where you are supposed to be.

Under the line? Great! The program is working. Don't change anything!

Over the line? Hmmm. Maybe you'd better look at what you are doing. You might need to do some fine tuning.

You have to weigh yourself to have the numbers so you can graph it.

Don't worry about the daily ups and downs. That's normal. You are looking for the big picture.

Stay motivated

See -- the graph tells you that you are doing fine. It is so reassuring. It will help keep you one track. It will help keep you motivated. That's why I want you to do it.

Keeping a graph of your progress is one of the best things you can do to ensure your success.

  • It's easy
  • It's free
  • You see your results at a glance
  • And it's actually kind of fun to see how you are doing!

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