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The Best Diet Motivation Tips -- Top 10 Tips For Weight Loss

Use these tips to get your weight loss on track. They will help you stop the cravings and start losing weight for real.

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Tip #1 -- Don't skip meals

Why are you so hungry? And why the food cravings?

Sometimes it's because you skipped meals. You skipped breakfast, because "I'm just not hungry in the morning."

Ten o'clock rolls around. You have a bagel (otherwise known as a "fat growth pill.")

You have a salad for lunch. You are doing good (you think.)

And by dinner time you are so hungry you could eat a wolf. So you eat dinner. You have seconds. Settle down in front of the TV. And have some chips. And ice cream. Yikes!!

This is one of the key points if you really want to lose weight.

Tip #2 -- Eat your breakfast

You've got to have that breakfast.

This is really part of skipping meals, but it's 10 times as important as skipping meals at other times. It's a very important diet motivation tip if you really want to be thin and healthy.

This is an easy one. You can't lose weight if you don't eat breakfast.

And you say, "Well, my great-aunt Gladys never ate breakfast and she was always skinny."

But we're not talking about your great-aunt Gladys -- we're talking about you. And you can't lose weight if you don't eat breakfast.

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

Author Unknown

Tip #3 -- Keep healthy food with you at all times

Pack your lunch.

You're out and about. You're hungry. So you eat...

Whatever is available. Snickers. Chips. Coke. Ughhh!

You've got to make sure you have some good food available wherever you are. And then make sure you eat at the right time. That way you won't feel starved.

If you don't follow this tip you are going to have a very hard time losing weight.

Tip #4 -- Take a break from junk food

Junk food leads to more junk food.

Now, sometimes you get cravings because you have been eating too much refined sugar. This can happen a couple of hours after a junk food snack when your blood sugar drops.

The other thing that happens when you are eating too much junk food -- pay attention here -- is that you will tend to get cravings for junk food the next day at the same time.

If you have a big bowl of ice cream at bedtime one day, you are likely to have cravings for ice cream at the same time the next night.

If you are having that problem -- where you get cravings for junk food everyday at the same time -- you have to break the spell somehow.

How? Go "cold turkey." You need two weeks to dry out. Swear off the sweets for 2 weeks. Like magic, the cravings will disappear -- or at least be manageable.

This is one of the most important things for you to do. Follow it and you can really boost your results.

What do you do instead of the junk food snack? You substitute a healthy snack instead.

I recently had my annual physical examination, which I get once every seven years, and when the nurse weighed me, I was shocked to discover how much stronger the Earth's gravitational pull has become since 1990.

Dave Barry

Tip #5 -- Drink enough water

You need more water.

The thing to do when the cravings hit is to drink a big glass of water. Many times when you think you are hungry you are really thirsty.

Without enough water you'll be low on energy. And this is especially true before a workout. Make sure you have a big glass of water before hitting the gym.

Tip #6 -- Increase the exercise

Another cravings-beater is exercise. Getting some exercise or taking a walk will really help.

Are you working too much? No time to exercise? Well, there must be some time in the day you're not working.


et up a little earlier. Have a brisk walk or jog. Even 10 or 15 minutes -- you can spare 15 minutes, can't you? -- and you'll see a big change in your life.

Tip #7 -- Get enough sleep

Sometimes you get cravings at night if you are tired. Your body gets low on energy.

If you are tired, go to bed instead of eating.

This is especially important when you are dieting and exercising. Your body -- and your lean muscle mass -- rebuilds at night while you are sleeping.

This is an important point that is easily overlooked.

So give yourself a break. Get enough rest.

Tip #8 -- Once in a while, have a treat

"Can't I ever have a treat?"

You have a right, really, to eat what you want to eat. And you have a right to eat something that you consider fun or special once in a while.

So if you decide to do it, and if you plan to do it, then it's really part of your program.

And did you know that some extra calories once in a while will boost your metabolism? It tells your body that you are not starving.

So because you are not starving you don't have to store everything you eat. Your body can let go of some of the stored fat.

This may be the easiest one to follow. But it's important because it will help you keep things in balance.

I'm not overweight. I'm just nine inches too short.

Shelley Winters

Tip #9 -- Don't call it cheating

Once in a while you're going to overdo it. That's life. It's not the end of the world. You can make it up. Just get back on track for the next few days.

Or you might want some "fun food" just because you want some. That is OK too. Reward yourself once or twice each week.

It can be a piece of cake, or a couple slices of pizza or whatever sounds good to you. Just make sure you don't eat so much that you spoil all your hard work.

Some people call it "cheating" when they eat something that they know is not that healthy. That's not the right way to look at it. It's too negative.

Cheating is something bad. It's something that you are not supposed to do. So when you are "cheating" you feel bad.

You're sending yourself bad messages. And that's not OK.

When you do have your fun food you should make sure you enjoy it. Don't feed bad about eating it or feel like it's wrong. You do have a right to have some fun, you know. Just don't call it cheating.

Tip #10 -- Make time for getting healthy

You don't have time to do what it takes to lose weight and reclaim your health? The exercise? Cooking right? Packing your lunch? Then make the time.

Here's what to do: Make a list of everything you do in your life. Include anything that takes at least 30 minutes.

Be sure to put exercise on the list, even if you don't currently exercise.

Then number everything you put down.

Number one should be the thing that contributes most to your future success, health, happiness and well-being. Number two is the 2nd most important. Go through your whole list, putting them in order.

Now, where does exercise fit on your list? Or packing your lunchbox with healthy snacks? Are they ahead of video games? Or Gilligan's Island reruns? Then you've got the time.

Make a little road map for your day. Schedule a thirty-minute walk before the video games. And on the weekend, cook extra helpings of a healthy casserole and freeze some for later. You get the idea.

This one actually sums up everything. If you don't make time for it, it can't work.

Your next step

Follow these simple steps and it will help make the cravings go away.

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People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.

Author Unknown

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