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Can You Become An Expert On Weight Loss?

"I just can't lose weight. What am I missing?"

To lose weight you have to become a weight loss expert

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  • Weight loss and weight gain depend on choices that you make.
  • Successful weight loss means making the right choices -- what will work for you.
  • Proper decisions require information.
  • Therefore you must take steps to get that information. Without it, your efforts will fail.
  • This goes in stages.

Stage one: find it

You start by finding out what's known about weight loss that is true -- what really works.

See, you find expert knowledge wherever it is. Books. Websites. Personal contact. Wherever. That's step one.

Stage two: learn it

Then take what you find. Read it. Learn it.

Make sure you really understand it. Is it full of big, fancy words? Then either break out your dictionary or find something simpler.

Remember, the truth doesn't have to be complicated.

Stage three: do it

You follow the advice, the things you learn. Take care that you are doing it right.

As you follow the advice you've gotten you see what really works for you. And you find what doesn't work so well.

And when you do you this -- if what you have learned is really true -- you will lose weight. And if it's not true you won't lose weight. Simple.

Stage four: make it better

That's when you realize -- all on your own -- how to make it all work better for you.

You find one thing at first, a little adjustment that makes things easier for you. You find something that makes your weight loss program more effective.

Then you find something else. You discover your own tips. Your own secrets.

Follow your own plan

Your secrets and discoveries add up. And one day you realize that you are not following somebody else's plan.

You are not following a diet you read about. You are doing your own plan. Your own program.

And it works. Weight loss becomes easier. You lose the weight -- and more importantly you KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

And at that point YOU become the expert.

Weight loss is personal. What works best for you will be a little different from what works for somebody else.

So become a weight loss expert. You can reach your ideal weight. And you can stay there.

"Goals are dreams with deadlines"

Diana Scharf Hunt

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