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What Is The Simplest Diet That Really Works?

"I'd like a simple diet that I can actually follow..."

What is the easiest way to get real, long-term results?

fit couple standing back to back
  • Here is a very powerful weight loss concept.
  • After you see it, it looks obvious.
  • And yet almost no one really understands or applies it.
  • It builds from this idea: Some things cause weight loss. Some cause weight gain. And some cause weight to stay the same.

Simple enough. Now read on to see how you can use this to transform your body...

It works at any size

Now, this is true no matter what you weigh.

If you are 300 pounds (135 kg) there are things you can do to lose weight. There are things you can do to gain weight. And there are things you can do to stay the same.

This holds true if you are a skinny 100 pounds (45 kg) as well. Gain. Lose. Stay the same.

Choose your new weight

OK. Now we want to focus on the "staying the same" part.

For any weight if you do certain things you stay the same. You don't gain. You don't lose. You stay the same.

See, if you are 300 pounds and want to stay there, you just don't change anything. Same diet. Same exercise. Same sleep pattern. Same water intake. Same everything.

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

Henry Ford

How would you like to look?

Pick any weight. It works the same. The things you do determine what you weigh and how you look.

Yes -- it's true. The things that YOU do determine how YOU look. Despite what you might want to believe.

So what does this have to do with weight loss?

Well, pick a weight. Make this your goal weight. Pick a weight where you would be happy. (Actually do this -- pick a weight.)

Choose your new body

And now pick a body type. Not just a weight but also a body type. How do you want your new body to look? How much body fat?

Lean and mean? Muscle on muscle? Sleek and sexy?

You ought to get a picture of it. A real picture. Find one somewhere -- magazines, internet -- of how you want to look. Make sure it matches your age, height and frame.

Make it real

It has to be something you can really do. If you are 78 years old and you get a picture the latest runway model -- or Mr. Olympia -- you might be disappointed.

But don't sell yourself short either. You can look really good, you know.

Now you know the weight and the type of body you want to have. This is a vital part of getting organized to lose weight.

The next question is how do you get there?

Living the life

Here's how you do it: If you had that beautiful body right now, what would you have to do to stay that way? See, no weight gain. No weight loss. Figure staying the same. Fit. Lean. Gorgeous.

What would you have to do to stay that way? It would be a certain diet. The right daily calorie intake. Adequate amounts of essential fats. Enough protein.

A certain amount of exercise for weight loss. Sleep. Water. Vitamins. Minerals. Whatever.

Good. So you figure out what you would have to do to keep that body in that ideal condition. And then you do that RIGHT NOW.

The new you

Do you see that? You do now, with your body now, what you would do if you had that perfect body and wanted to keep it.

Do you know what would happen if you did that? You would gradually lose weight. You would gradually get more fit. You would gradually get more lean.

And you would gradually develop into that sexy new body.

You would finally be successful at weight loss.

And when you got there you wouldn't have to change a thing. That's the beauty of the simplest diet. Your body would become the body you always wanted. Because you are doing the things that create that kind of body right now.

No crash diets

No drastic changes in your life. Reasonable exercise. The proper food choices for staying lean.

You just live and act now like the lean person you want to be. And keep it up. And you become the lean person you want to be.

You ask, "Could the simplest diet concept really work?" Yes. It does work. Like a bomb.

No starving. No skipping meals. No drastic changes. No yo-yo dieting. No extreme diets.

The payoff

The simplest diet is the ideal way to diet. It is the way you are going to get the weight off and keep it off.

There is only one thing -- pay attention now -- that can keep it from working for you. If you are in too big a hurry it won't work.

If you absolutely, definitely must lose all the weight immediately, right now today, it won't work. Because that's not going to happen.

It's not what you lose -- it's what you take off and keep off

If you are in too big a hurry to lose weight, then you are doomed to being fat for the rest of your life.

Oh, sure. You can lose 20 or 50 or even 100 pounds fast. Anybody can do that. Any diet can do that.

So what if you lose 50 pounds this year, if you gain 60 pounds back next year?

It's not what you lose. It's what you lose and keep off. The time for you to start is now.

And what I've outlined here -- the simplest diet -- is how you can lose the weight and keep if off forever.

"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing."

Agatha Christie

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