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Help me!

by Amie

I am nearly 15 years old. I am small, have big boobs and a belly but have a skinny legs. How can i get a flat stomach without making my boobs look weird?!

Note from Dr. Dan


You sure ask an interesting question. It's not as simple as it might sound.

First, what do other people in your family look like. Do they look just like you, with the same kind of shape?

If so, it may be your genetics involved, at least to some degree.

There are some families in which nearly everyone has certain features. It might be a strong jaw, or a big head, or a certain shape to their body. And if that's the way they look, then to some degree that's just the way nature intended them to look.

If everyone in the family was really tall and skinny and you ended up tall and skinny, well... you'd have to make the best of it.

So, the point is, recognize the parts of you that are just going to be the way they are and accept yourself for that. Why? Because you've seen other people -- girls particularly -- that are never happy with themselves.

They say, "I hate my hair," or, "My butt is too fat," or, "I wish I looked like Maisy." And the worst? "I'm ugly. I hate myself."

Which is very sad. Because every person is unique and every person is beautiful in a unique way.

Now, for you, the best you can do is to make sure you are eating properly and getting the right kind of exercise.

If you eat a little better you'll have less of a belly. Because a belly that is bigger than it should be is usually the result of what you eat, not the exercise you get.

So when you are eating right then make sure you add in some abdominal exercises so your muscles naturally hold your belly in.

If your abdominal muscles are too weak then your internal organs will cause your belly to sag outward. And over time it will get worse and worse. Have you ever seen someone with their belly hanging down to their knees?

You can do situps or crunches of course. Or even hula hoop.

Finally, you can do some leg exercises. Walking is good. Running too. But get to the gym and do some leg presses and hamstring curls and calf exercises.

When you build up strong legs they'll have a nice shape and it will be a better balance for your upper body.

Good luck to you.

Dr. Dan

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