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Lying Hamstrings

Exercise to strengthen the back of the thighs

Lying hamstrings are an exercise to build the large hamstring muscles at the back of the thighs. These are the muscles that help to extend the hip and that flex the leg at the knee.

This is an isolation exercise for the hamstring muscles. Therefore it complements compound exercises like the leg press that exercise multiple muscle groups.

Start by lying with the legs extended

Lying hamstrings -- starting position

Lying hamstrings -- starting position

The pads should be resting against the back of the legs just above the ankle.

Contract the hamstrings muscles to flex the leg at the knee. Use a smooth movement and avoid jerking the weight

Flex the leg to 90 degrees

Lying hamstrings -- second position

Lying hamstrings -- second position

Bring the leg to 90 degrees, pause briefly, then return to the starting position.

Lower the weight slowly. It should be under control at all times.

Use the proper amount of weight

This exercise can take some getting used to. You might not be used to controlling the hamstrings. So at first use a light weight and concentrate on your form.

There is a tendency to use too much weight for this exercise. When you do that you will be inclined to jerk the weight rather than raise it smoothly.

But that can cause you problems in your pelvis and in your back. So use only the weight you can do with strict form until you build your strength.

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