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Benefits Of Circuit Training To Weight Loss And Health

Why circuit training? First, whether you are in great shape or terribly out of shape, you can do it. And then there are the benefits of the exercise to you and your life.

woman doing tricep pushdowns

What is circuit training going to do for you?

You get great overall muscle tone with circuit training. You can tone up and build up your muscles. It can help you get that lean, sexy look you are looking for.

Less joint pain

Circuit training is good for the joints. And it's good for the aches and pains. Do you avoid things that hurt you? Most people do.

Most people, if they have an achy shoulder, or stiff muscles, or aches and pains all over, just avoid using those areas. They avoid it because they think it will hurt if they work it.

But there's another way of looking at it. In the long run it hurts more when you don't use it. The best thing you can do for that sore shoulder or back pain or fibromyalgia or whatever is exercise.

Does it make it hurt a little more at the time you are exercising? It might a little. But not too bad. But in the long run, guaranteed, you will be better off if you exercise. Less pain. Less degeneration of the joints. Improved activity in your life. Improved mental outlook.

If you don't believe that you just haven't given it a chance. Exercise improves joint and muscle pains too often to even be a subject of debate. It just works.

Faster metabolism

And circuit training will speed up your metabolism. If you haven't been able to take off the extra weight this is the key. Did you diet yourself down to no metabolism? Then it's time to dig yourself out of that hole you are in.

Work up a little sweat. Get the heart going.

Live longer

You will live longer. The latest research shows that people that exercise do live longer.

Oscar H. Franco, M.D., at the University of Rotterdam found that people who exercise live almost four years longer than people who don't exercise. What could you do in four years?

Feel better

And you know what? You are going to feel better about yourself. If you haven't been exercising you are going to feel proud of yourself.

When you walk out of that gym for the first time you are going to say, "I did it. I am finally on my way. I'm not going to be fat anymore."

So the benefits of circuit training are:

  • improved muscle tone
  • less joint and muscle pain
  • increased metabolism
  • longer life span
  • and better mental outlook.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Make circuit training part of your day.

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