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Find The Best Weight Loss Plan

"Can you help me design an exercise and diet plan?"

The best weight loss plan for you...

water bottle, dumbbell and and apple the one that you can stick with.

And the one you can stick with depends a lot on you as a person.

Should you:

  • jump right in?
  • or do things more gradually?

Option 1: Do everything right now

If you are a very disciplined person you could make a list of all the steps that are needed for your weight loss plan and just start doing all of them.

You could do it all:

  • perfect diet,
  • vigorous exercise,
  • nutritional supplements
  • plenty of sleep
  • and 1000 other details...

Write it all down and plan it all out. And then do every bit of it. You'll get fantastic results and be in the shape of your life in no time.

Are you up for that? That's option one.

Baby step by baby step, you have what you need right now to start moving in the direction of your happiest dreams.

Marta Davidovich Ockuly

Option 2: Take it one step at a time

Unless you are the rare person that is disciplined enough to make a complete and instantaneous change in your life, it may be better to do things gradually. After all, completely changing:

  • what you eat,
  • what you drink,
  • when you get up,
  • when you go to bed,
  • when you have meals,
  • packing snacks,
  • meal planning,
  • exercise routines...

can be a lot for you to handle.

Do what will work for you

Pick what you actually can do. And then do that.

Can't hit the gym six days a week? Then start by walking. Do 30 minutes three days a week.

Not ready for the "perfect" diet? Skipping breakfast? Eating junk?

Then do this:

Have some chicken breast. Or cottage cheese and veggies. An apple is better than a candy bar.

In a week you'll start feeling better.

Succeed with small steps

Let your body adjust. If you overdo any of it you'll fail.

Weight and health go together. Anything healthy is good for you. And good for your weight.

Drastic diets lead to failure.

But changes you can stick with lead to success. So now -- pick something you can change in your life that you know you can stick with -- and then change it.

Let your body adjust. Then do it again. That's where you'll find real success.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one.

Mark Twain

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