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Your Weight Loss Grade

What grade do you think you've earned for your weight loss efforts?

woman buttoning her pants

Yes, you are being graded.

And no, there is written test. This is just for you to judge.

But you are being graded on your weight loss efforts. You might be getting an A+. If so, that's great.

You might be getting an F.

Follow this link for some criteria you can use for your self evaluation.

Who is doing the grading?

You are. Every time you look in the mirror. Every time you get on the scale. Every time you button your pants you are getting graded.

Do your clothes fit better? That's at least a B.

Buying a new, larger wardrobe? D-.

Did you limit yourself to 2 slices of pizza on your "fun food" day? That's an A.

You ate a gallon of ice cream? F.

Things about the same? Not weighing in? Not keeping records? Eating ok most of the time? That's a C.

Are you getting results?

See. You are being graded.

And it is important to you. If you want "A" results you have to do "A" activities.

If you want "B" results you have to do "B" activities or better.

And on down the line.

You might be ok with "C" results.

You definitely don't want "D" or "F."

One should eat to live, not live to eat.

Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV

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