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Wedding Weight Loss -- How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Here are some simple tips you should follow

It's best not to do anything drastic right before your wedding. So give yourself as much time as possible. Don't start any crash diets. They'll just leave you weak and lifeless.

Instead, plan ahead. Make sure that when your wedding day comes you look your best.

You should try to be as clean as possible on your wedding day. What does that mean? It means clean on the inside. You get this by avoiding toxins and impurities in your diet.

You should avoid foods that contain:

  • artificial chemicals,
  • artificial sweeteners
  • and foods with a lot of preservatives.

These things all make trouble for your digestion and for your liver. They burden your body's natural cleansing pathways, and make your metabolism work overtime.

The end result of eating too many foreign substances is that your face doesn't look as clean, your eyes don't shine and you can look puffy.

Refine your diet

So, what to do specifically? Well, stop going to fast food places. Pack your lunch. Eat organic when possible.

Eat food that is simpler. If wouldn't look like food to your great-grandmother it probably isn't food at all.

It will really help if you try to eat food that is close to the way it is in nature. An apple is better than applesauce, and applesauce is better than apple juice.

Don't expose yourself to harsh chemicals

You should also try to avoid perfumes and fragrances. You might like the way they smell, but they are harsh chemicals and very unnatural. If you went totally scent free for a while you would understand.

Chemical perfumes paralyze the nerves that sense smells (the olfactory nerves.) Some people wear perfumes and colognes that are so strong that you can taste them -- and they don't realize it because they are inundated with artificial fragrances in their life. It's best to get rid of them all. Your liver will thank you.

And speaking of your liver, avoid excessive alcohol. It has a lot of calories and does you no good mentally or physically. Try sparkling water instead.

Dr. Dan has more advice for you at this link about losing weight before your wedding and this link about weight loss tips for the bride-to-be.

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