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Tortured Myself On My Way To Slim With Atkins.

by Maria
(Mexico City)

I bought a huge, heavy and expensive book by Atkins after winter. Winter is always the best time of the year to gain weight, at least for me, because food for the cold season is a lot more attractive to me: lots of pasta, hot chocolate and muffins, etc. So, every year I gain at least 3 pounds during winter time.

When I saw the Atkins book I thought it would be good to read it and try the diet. Reading the book and seeing how much medical information it provided made me feel secure. I learned a lot about how we digest the food and why our bad eating habits can result in diseases.

The first part of the book is only educational and the second part offers you a long time program for losing and keeping off weight.

I read it all and by the second week I was ready to start the Atkins plan. I’ve never been a huge fan of sugar so I actually thought I would enjoy this diet focused on proteins. I saw nothing wrong with having bacon for breakfast!

But I wasn’t sure about reducing my fruit and vegetable ingestion to almost none. It is true, at the initial stage of the diet you cannot eat fruits and the vegetable intake is reduced to a cup per day of green salad.

As the book said, I felt tired at first but by day four without sugar I got a lot more energy than with my regular diet!

I felt great and started to lose weight but I got really moody by the second week. By day ten I was an angry, slimmer monster. I had to work, I was on a very stressful work period. I just got tired one day and got me a big candy bar at the first store I saw. I need sugar, I need to smile. What about you?

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