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The "Not So Great" Atkins Adventure

by Amber
(Laurel, MS, US)

My husband and I decided we wanted to drop a few pounds after the birth of my second son. We were both really excited as we started discussing what kind of diet plan we would begin.

I suggested we try a soup diet I had recently heard of but him being a "man's man" said we should do the Atkins. I'm not a big meat eater myself so I was a little hesitant but I agreed because he had done it before and lost nearly 20 pounds.

The first few days were kind of rough as I said goodbye to the starches that I love oh so much, but the diet itself proved to be very easy to follow.

At the end of the first week when we had our weigh-in my husband had lost 5 pounds and I lost three. Unfortunately, three weeks later, he had lost 15 and I was still at the 3 lb. mark. It was like I couldn't get past the plateau and I wasn't cheating at all.

My husband said I didn't lose as much because I didn't have as much to lose but I'm not sure I'm buying into that.

It was very discouraging to me and not long after I started eating carbs again I had gained those few pounds right back.


Note from Dr. Dan


Most women will not be able to lose weight as fast as a man. Why?

Because they usually have a smaller frame and a lower overall metabolism. They burn fewer calories per day.

Therefore if they cut down their calories by 20%, for example, they don't lose as much weight as a man would if he cut down 20%.

His 20% might be one pound per week, and your 20% reduction becomes only 1/2 pound per week.

This may have been at least part of the problem you ran into.

Dr. Dan

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