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The Controversial Atkins Diet is Proven Effective

by Jackie
(South Africa)

I have personally tried the Atkins diet twice in a 12-year period and can guarantee its effectiveness in a short period of time. It is not a diet that you stay on "forever" and makes you feel as if you are always on a diet.

Although it is a very difficult diet to follow, especially if you are a carbohydrate lover, the results you see within a couple of days make the effort from your side worthwhile.

I was hungry the whole first week of the Induction period, as the first week of Atkins is called, as you are only allowed a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates, which I assure you is very hard to maintain.

You should be a protein lover before attempting the Atkins diet, as it is what your eating habits will revolve around. Eating a lot of eggs and moderate cheese was punishment to me.

The Atkins is a totally high protein diet, with hardly any carbohydrates in the induction, with a slight growth in carbohydrates as the weeks progress and you enter Phase one, Phase two, or Phase three.

The whole secret behind the Atkins diet that many people make a mistake with, is the fact that you honestly and truly cannot cheat with the Atkins diet, like you can do with some other diets.

If the Atkins tells you, you can't eat something, believe me, if you do eat it your weight loss will stop right there. Your metabolism stabilizes and you have to suffer again from the start.

The other advantage with the Atkins diet is that people around you will not even know that you are on a diet when going to a restaurant, as you can have fish or steak and salad.

There's no dessert though. And did I mention no alcohol or coffee?

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