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The Atkins Diet Is Not Bad Like You Hear

by Rick
(Crofton Maryland USA)

I have been using the Atkins diet and following it with a low carb lifestyle for some time. The things that you hear about the Atkins Diet are absolutely not true.

It is the best diet that I have ever been on. The diet is very easy to follow and it works great.

I have lost almost 80 pounds since I began using it. There are a lot of great benefits with the Atkins that I have not experienced with other diets.

My health greatly improved. My cholesterol went down dramatically, my blood pressure improved, and my general health with colds and viruses improved. I haven't had a cold or a virus in several years.

By going low carb you are allowed to eat a nice variety of foods. The thing that you have to eliminate is foods that are high in sugar.

From my experience after a few days on the diet my hunger greatly reduces and I am able to eat smaller more controlled portions. Eating in restaurants was also fine because you are allowed to eat most things that a restaurant serves except for the sugary foods like deserts and breads. The meats, salads, and vegetables are all on the low carb menu.

As for fast food, I just learned to eat the hamburger without the bun. I liked the Atkins diet so much that I have developed a low carb lifestyle limiting sugars and deserts and I have been able to keep the weight off for several years now.

Even special events where there were lot's of sweets and goodies were no problem. Special events became the place where I indulged in a treat.

I would definitely recommend the Atkins as a great diet and a great weight loss solution.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You make some great points. Being overweight affects the general health, and lots of people can get off their medications for cholesterol and blood pressure when they get their weight down.

By the way, you mention "I just learned to eat the hamburger without the bun." In the olden days (1960's) there was a "diet plate" in restaurants. It was a hamburger patty and some cottage cheese with a lettuce leaf and a slice of pineapple.

I guess they had it figured out back then. Take a look at some pictures from the 40 or 50 years ago. People in general were not nearly as heavy.

Dr. Dan

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