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Lost 120 pounds with Atkins Diet

by Darren Yelvington

A few years ago, around 2005 or 2006, I decided I would try out the Atkins diet. Up until that point I had tried at least 50 different kinds of diets.

To be honest, I wasn't truly even expecting anything different out of the Atkins diet after so many other failed attempts to lose weight. But I thought to myself, "what have I got to lose, except weight?"

So my girlfriend and I gave it a shot together. Since then, I've managed to lose and at the same time keep off over 120 pounds.

It's not always easy, but no diets are ever easy. And I definitely enjoy being able to still eat a lot of my favorite foods.

Also, I had extremely high blood pressure -- strictly following this diet my heart rate and blood pressure level are at a normal place now, which is something I completely attribute to being on the Atkins low-carb diet.

I would recommend this diet to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut with their weight. I'm sure it won't work for everybody, but like I said, what have you got to lose besides weight?

I promise you that the end results are well worth it.

Once I changed my eating habits, it became easier and easier after time. After a while you won't even realize the difference in your eating habits.

So definitely, if you or anyone you know is struggling, you should seriously try out Atkins if you haven't already. They also have support websites to compare and track your progress with others doing the same thing, which is great.

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