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Living the Atkins Diet Life

by Susan G.
(Manhattan, NY )

When the Atkins Diet first debuted many years ago, I tried it and was amazed at how effective it was.

I ate lots of filling food and, because I was having no sweets or simple (starchy) carbs, I didn't have the constant cravings I had experienced on other diets. I lost lots of weight.

At some point I went off it for an extended period, perhaps initially over the holidays or to celebrate a special occasion. The intake of cake, candy, pasta, etc., opened the floodgates to cravings once again, and I gained the weight back.

This progression happened twice in exactly the same way.

Eight years ago, heavier than I had ever been, with dangerously high blood pressure and legs that often swelled, I decided to try again.

This time I kept at it, taking off only on summer weekends when my husband and I were out of the city. I lost almost 50 pounds (a major amount, since I am just under 5 feet tall!).

I kept my apartment free of the foods I shouldn't eat. My blood pressure returned to normal. No more leg swelling.

Occasionally, I put on five or ten pounds again when I take a few days off. My hypertension returns. (I have discovered that I am glucose intolerant, which means that my blood pressure responds more negatively to carbs than to salt.)

I go right back on before things go too far. It's harder to lose these days since I have gotten older than when I first used the diet, but I am invariably healthier when I stick with it, and that's no small thing.

There is a low carb group on ivillage which is good for moral support, suggestions, and recipes. But mostly I stick to large portions of simple proteins and vegetables, with crispy pork rinds, sugar free Jello, aerosol whipped cream, low-carb sugar-free cheesecake filling, a handful of plain almonds, iced coffee drinks (with Blue Diamond low-carb, low-cal Unsweetened Vanilla Flavored Almond Milk and a carb-free sweetener called Sweetz-Free, which is basically pure liquid Splenda). Hellman's Canola Mayo, A&P/Pathmark Neufchatel, and low-carb dressings are also useful.

I wait for good sales, so I can add shrimp and scallops to the more usual chicken, fish, and meat. I eat lots of eggs, but few egg yolks.

As long as I stick to my regimen, I don't suffer crippling cravings. (If I add chocolates, even those made with sugar alcohol, I get hungrier and the cravings return.

I hope all of this is helpful to you.


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Note from Dr. Dan


Thanks for the great information.

I notice you said "mostly I stick to large portions of simple proteins and vegetables." That's LARGE portions. Not small portions.

That's something that most people never realize. If you eat the right foods you can eat plenty of food without becoming ill or overweight.

When you really understand what to eat and when to eat it the light bulb in your head turns on and then losing weight stops being such a struggle.

Anyone with weight related health problems should take special note of your story. It's full of good advice.

Dr. Dan

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