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Bad Food Choices

What is the Deadly Combination?

Bad food choices: Doughnuts, potato chips, candy bar and hamburger

If you were looking for something to eat to really pack on the pounds, what would it be? You know, if you really wanted to gain some weight.

The best way I know of to gain weight is to take the foods that put on the most weight, the fats, refined carbohydrates and alcohol, and then eat them together.

Each of these individually can cause you to gain weight. But when eaten together the fats, refined cargs and alcohol work together to spoil your metabolism. That is how you can really put on the pounds.

These foods force your body to make fat

Well, how about a glazed doughnut. Packed with fat and coated with sugar-it's about the best way I know to put on some weight.

Will one bite do it? No. But two or three doughnuts-or a dozen-on a regular basis and you can forget about ever taking the weight off.

When the fats and the sugar hit your bloodstream at the same time your system is overwhelmed. There are so many calories at once that there is only one thing your body can do with it…

…turn it into pure fat!

Fat, sugar and food cravings

And those fatty, sugary foods (let's be honest here) taste so good that it is easy to stuff yourself and eat too much. It is always the bad foods you get cravings for -- especially if you are eating them regularly. Once you are off them for a while it becomes much easier but first you have to break the spell.

Another similar deadly combination is alcohol and sugary drinks. How many calories can you drink in rum and Coke, or any of the other sweet drinks you might get in a bar? It is not hard to drink an entire day's worth of calories in an evening.

If you really want to take that weight off you have to cut out the deadly combination -- fat and sugar -- and its close cousin alcohol and sugar. Do it and you'll look better and feel better and you'll live longer and be happier too.

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