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I Miss The Atkins Diet

by Jaime
(Las Vegas,NV)

I was on the Atkins diet several times. The first time was when I was a teenager.

My parents were doing the 1972 version of the diet -- which allowed minimal vegetables -- and since my mother thought I was getting chunky, I was recruited.

We mostly ate steaks smothered in cream sauce, and eggs with cheese. I was not a fan and thought that anyone who did that diet was crazy.

My weight got dangerously close to 200lbs and it was time for a change. This was about the time Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution came out and I read the book.

It was nothing like the diet I had done as a teenager. You could have a decent amount of vegetables and salad, which made a big difference to me.

I lost over 60 lbs on the Atkins diet. I felt great. My typical diet was a low-carb tortilla with cheese and avocado for breakfast, a chicken Caesar salad for lunch, and a healthy portion of meat with a nice serving of veggies drizzled in butter.

I snacked on string cheese or summer sausage, or a handful of almonds.

I enjoyed the diet but I began to miss bread, pasta and rice too much and returned to normal eating.

Most of my weight was regained but I couldn’t blame that on the diet. If I had stuck to it or tried to work in a maintenance plan, I would have succeeded.

I would recommend it for anyone who wants a quick way to lose weight without going hungry.

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