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Great results from Atkins Diet

Having recently come back from holiday and having put on 15lbs...Atkins Diet is the diet for me.

I have only ever done the induction phase as I have been happy with this phase and it has been the most beneficial. You get to eat as much cheese, meat and prawns as you like - all which I love!

The only downfall of this diet is finding lunches that are acceptable in mainstream. For example, sitting eating a packet of ham for your lunch can appear pretty strange to people who are unaware you are on Atkins!

I love the fact you can eat as many prawns...including prawn you like! Steaks all around come dining events with family. And baked Brie or Camembert for that special occasion!

I know there is no easy diet, but Atkins for me is. Atkins bars are great for when you have a sweet craving and you can have as many tuna salads as you like. Vodka is also carb free! So far, day 3 of Atkins and I have lost 6lbs...not too bad eh??

I will always come back to Atkins for a quick diet and weight loss. Just be careful when you are coming off this diet as you can get carried away eating fries and bread!

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Note from Dr. Dan

You're right, vodka doesn't have any carbs. But at 7 calories per gram, alcohol has more calories than fat or protein, and it is a real killer to your metabolism.

If you are trying to lose weight it's best to steer clear of alcohol.

Dr. Dan

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