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Great results from Atkins Diet

by Gabi

I got great results from Atkins Diet and I kept the weight off. Here is how I did it.

I started suffering from a really bad heel spur and my doctor asked me to choose between losing weight and having a cortisone injection once a year.

Well, after I had my first injection (really painful), there was no other option in my mind but to lose weight. Trouble is, I love eating and I really did not believe in diets.

One of my work colleagues recommended this great diet -- Atkins -- that she had been on for awhile and was still giving her great results. So, one of my best friends and myself decided to give it a go. We went to the bookshop and bought ourselves a copy each of Dr Atkins' book.

The first three days were agony. Unbelievable. We had never done anything like it.

I think if we had not had each other for support we would have given it up. Having friends and family telling us that we were crazy did not help much either, but we kept going.

Our breakfast was usually boiled eggs and frankfurters, our lunches broccoli and chicken, our dinners steak and more broccoli and in between lots of peanuts.

After the first two weeks our perseveration began paying off and we could feel the difference in our clothes. They were so much loser!

Best thing of all is that we could not believe it was happening.

Slowly we started to diversify from our broccoli based meals... and we kept it going for about 6 months until we reached more or less our ideal weight. I lost in total about 21 lbs.

Seven years on and I have managed to maintain the same weight more or less. I usually do a mini-Atkins after the Christmas holidays and that helps a lot.

Get your FREE copy today, just click on the image of the book... It's FREE. Not a dime. Zilch. Nada.

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