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Feeling full without eating.

by Tania

I don't care what or how little I eat, I always feel like I ate a huge meal.

My stomach growls when I'm hungry, It growls while I'm eating, I growls after I eat.

What the heck?? Is there something wrong with me?


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Note from Dr. Dan

Dear Tania:

The first thing I think about when people have medical conditions are the basics. In this case I would ask:

Are you eating balanced food? Plenty of lean protein?

Are you getting enough water?

Are you sleeping?

Are you walking every day?

Are you avoiding artificial sweeteners? Artificial flavors?

Do you have other serious medical problems? Diabetes? Previous surgery?

Are you under a lot of pressure mentally and emotionally?

These things are where the vast majority of medical problems begin.

If you are doing well in all these areas, then how do you feel generally? If you are at a good weight and have good energy there is probably not anything to worry about.

Still, if this is a recent problem or it is worsening, you should see a doctor for a professional opinion.

Good luck,

Dr. Dan

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Stomach problems
by: StevieB

Maybe you ought to see a doctor. My aunt had that problem and it turned out to be stomach cancer. Not to scare you or anything, but you never know.

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