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Fantastic results from Atkins Diet


I got great results from Atkins Diet. I am a little on the obese side and because of my small stature I appear to be more obese.

I consulted my doctor and a dietitian to provide me with a diet that would suit my life style. After lot of thinking my dietician suggested that I try the Atkins Diet.

I am not a vegetarian and she suggested that this particular diet is suitable for me. It is a low carbohydrate and high protein diet, which is very effective in weight reduction.

My dietitian told me to go through a two-week induction phase where the intake of carbohydrate was reduced to less than 20 grams per day.

I was advised to eat fish, red meat, eggs, butter and other fat laden foods.

Slowly the intake of carbohydrate was increased in the subsequent phases till it reached 40 grams per day. I observed that this diet was mainly to restrict the carbohydrate rather than the calorie restriction.

I loved eating in restaurants during this diet. I gorged on fried fish, kebabs, cheese balls, fried chicken wings, as I just needed to avoid carbohydrates.

So I observed that there was a drastic reduction in weight in six months.

The negative aspect of this diet is that I ended up having high cholesterol levels due to fat rich foods. Constipation was also a major problem as there are not sufficient dietary fibers in your diet.

I was happy with my weight loss but would advise people suffering from diabetes and heart disease to opt for some other diet, as it is a highly restrictive diet.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Well, some good and some not so good it seems.

Many people can follow a high-protein low-carbohydrate diet without having trouble with cholesterol, but others seem to run into trouble.

And some people have more of a need for fiber in their diet to avoid constipation as well, although there are people for whom increased fiber actually causes bowel problems.

Dr. Dan

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