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Disappointed with Atkins results so far..PLEASE HELP, NEED ADVICE

by Lilly

I am on my 12th day of induction and am so disappointed with the results so far. I have only lost 3 pounds although I have stuck to the diet completely and have exercised loads too.

I don't know why I haven't seen better results. I was hoping to have lost at least 10 pounds after the first 2 weeks. I don't want to give up and will continue induction for another week in case its just slower to work with me or in case I haven't been eating enough and my body has gone into shock or something.

I got the ketosis sticks and according to them I am in ketosis so seems like I am doing all the right things but just not seeing results. I have 2 stone to lose to reach my goal weight although am not in any way obese and more overweight.

Can anyone please tell me if they had the same experience or does anyone have any advice for me please??? Really need advice!!

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