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Consistency is Key With Atkins Diet

by Micheyle

After the birth of my second child, I, of course, found myself wanting/needing to lose weight. To do this I tried the Atkins diet.

I heard about this diet from my mom and sisters who successfully lost weight on it. I was on the Atkins Diet for about six months.

The Atkins diet is actually easy to follow if you are willing to cut out the carbs. In order to be successful you cannot let yourself cheat because just one time cheating will awaken the cravings for carbs and then it can be very hard to recover.

While on this diet I maintained scheduled eating habits and I never found myself to be terribly hungry. My water intake was also high and that helps to curb the appetite.

The part that is difficult while on the Atkins diet is just being able to stick to the eating restrictions and not have the carbs. You have to eliminate things that were once a regular part of your diet, like bread, and this can be hard.

One thing that is great, though, is that there are now foods at the store that cater to this diet and have very few carbs. There's even low carb ice cream - so these things can definitely contribute to the success of the diet as they help to add variety to your eating. Variety is very important because if you become bored of what you're eating, you're much more likely to "cheat."

If you're determined, the Atkins diet is easy to stick to.

I would recommend this diet to others but I would make sure to tell them not to embark on the Atkins Journey unless they are fully prepared to eliminate things from their diet that were once a huge part of it. The correct mindset is key to success to this diet.

Also, I lost even more weight when I exercised along with the diet because I burned a ton of fat that way. I was happy with the results of the Atkins diet.

I was able to keep the weight off and be balanced with it until I ended up getting a thyroid problem and put on weight because of that. I am actually planning on starting this diet again in the future.

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