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"Atkins Is The Best"

by Tonya

I’ve tried the Atkins diet which is basically a low carbohydrate diet. The longest I’ve ever stayed on the diet is about a month and I did lose quite a lot of weight.

The first couple of days on the Atkins diet were always the hardest for me because I was used to eating what I wanted, and when I wanted. This is the induction stage of the diet and only 20 grams of carbs are allowed.

There is a large variety of foods that I could eat and a lot are made specifically for this diet. There are many different types of Atkins products.

I ate meats and salads. I could not have bread, sugar, or fruit, and cheese was the only dairy product allowed.

After a week or so I could feel my body’s reaction to having fewer than usual carbs. I would be a little tired and nauseated.

This is a stage called Ketosis where the body is using fat for energy. It usually didn’t last long and when I reached this stage the weight seemed to fall off. I would just continue to follow the rules of the diet.

Atkins diet is a pretty easy diet to stick to. I was never really hungry and I could eat at restaurants but I had to watch out for the carbs.

Some say this diet is unhealthy but I don’t agree. It’s one of the most popular diets in the U.S and I would recommend it to anyone. I think they would be amazed by the results.

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