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Atkins Great at First Try

by Sherry Anglea
(Nashville, TN USA)

I decided to go on the Atkins diet right before Valentine's Day.

At the turn of 40 years of age I weighed 325 lbs.
I know, what was I thinking?

It wasn't that hard. The first 3 days were probably the worst. Meat, egg and cheese only is how I based it for the first two weeks, trying to keep it under 30 carbs a day.

What helped me was you could eat as much as you wanted. I have a problem with portioned amounts.

I stayed away from potatoes, pastas, breads, beans, non-diet drinks and sugar. Then after the first two weeks I tried to maintain my carb count at under 40 per day.

I was never hungry. They have a lot of lower carb products out there that can help you kick the sweet tooth.

You could even eat out at restaurants, just remember to take the bread off, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta and watch the vegetables that carried a high amount of carbs in the serving.

I had a little trouble the first two week with constipation but after my body got used to the idea it was fine.

I didn't concentrate on water drinking or exercise. Not my thing. I'm sure I would have done better if I had.

I stayed with it for a little over a year and lost 100 lbs. At that amount of weight loss, I had a lot of excess skin hanging and had 18 lbs. just off my stomach removed.

It was great, I felt great and looked OK. I still needed to lose some more.

I kept it off for about 4 years, however, over the last 3 years, with age, metabolism, and stress I have gained almost all of it back. I'm about 25 lbs. away.

I tried to go back on it and I did exactly the same diet and lost 20 lbs. in 6 months. Then I gave up.

I would definitely recommend it to others. It does work.

Losing weight is only half the battle. Keeping it off is what wins the war. That's the part I have not conquered yet.

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