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Atkins easy to lose, easy to gain.

by Michelle
(Knoxville, TN)

I followed the Atkins diet with great initial success. I lost weight quickly and easily.

I stopped having cravings pretty soon into the diet, although the first 2 weeks were awful.

It gave me more energy and I felt like I had control of my weight. But this was the biggest problem.

Once I felt I had lost a good amount of weight and thought I knew how to control it, I started eating back "normal" foods - ie carbs - a little at first and then more and more and then the next thing I knew I had regained all the weight I had lost and then some.

Unfortunately the weight regain was even quicker than the loss. After a time I tried to follow it again, but I got really sick and my body was not as responsive so I did end up giving up on this plan.

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