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Atkins Diet Works

by Roy
(Albuquerque, Nm, USA)

I decided that I would try the Atkins Diet because I am a meat lover and after reading what I could eat and what to avoid it seemed like it would be easy for me to follow.

I have dieted on numerous other occasions with limited success.

After the initial adjustment by my body to the new mostly protein and few carbs in the diet, to my surprise the first 15 lbs dropped very quickly. I continued to lose after that more rapidly than any other diet I had tried over the years.

Within three months I had dropped about thirty pounds and I am still going strong.

The best thing I found about the diet is that you can go off when you have a craving and when you get back on the diet the next day it seemed to jump start my weight loss all over again.

What I also noticed is that the diet soft drinks do effect how quickly you will lose.

When I drink my usual 4-6 a day the weight seems to come off slower and when I drink only water for a few days the weight seems to melt away.

You still hit your plateaus but when that happens to me I’ll eat something with carbs and get right back on at 20 carbs or so a day and my metabolism seems to pick up.

Thus far my cholesterol has not been affected by the red meat and other things in the diet that you have been warned about.

I do recommend mixing up what you eat each day so that your body does not start to store what you are eating as fat.

Variety keeps the body working, in my opinion. At least that what seems to happen when I mix up the meals each day.

If you are a meat lover, try the Atkins Diet and read about it before you start.

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Note from Dr. Dan


I am not surprised about your cholesterol. Although you hear that eating high cholesterol food increases your blood cholesterol, that's not really true.

It is usually excess refined sugars that cause your cholesterol to increase.

Your body makes cholesterol. If your body is healthy and you are eating healthy, nutrient rich foods you shouldn't have to worry about cholesterol.

Dr. Dan

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