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Atkins Diet Works, But I LOVE Veggies!

by aunt sheila
(eighty four pa USA)

After hearing about the Atkins Diet for so long, I decided to give it a try.

I have been overweight for most of my adult life. I have been depressed also.

So I bought a book and a workbook and went to work. I really lost a lot of weight quickly.

One thing I noticed is that I thoughtlessly lick food off my fingers a lot. This adds up.

I have five kids. Even making them a glass of chocolate milk and licking a few drops of chocolate from my fingers will trigger a hunger response to chocolate or ranch dressing or whatever it may be.

This was difficult for me to control as I must have done it unconsciously my entire life. The Atkins Diet of course is extremely prohibiting in these areas.

I did drink a lot of water, and I exercised and made myself become more active. I lost weight and I had a lot of energy, but I LOVE vegetables.

Atkins must be a way of life. For me that wasn't the way I wanted to go.

I like to eat healthy. And I like my kids to eat healthy.

I think it's hard enough to get children to eat vegetables with out my cutting them completely from my own diet. And of course not just veggies, but bread and everything else.

These days I try to stay active, exercise regularly, and impose portion control.

I gained some weight when I went off Atkins, but I am still doing my very best to stay healthy and lose weight.

Anyone who doesn't like veggies, bread or variety, this diet may be for you. Good luck!

Aunt Sheila

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Note from Dr. Dan

Aunt Sheila

You make an interesting point. A lot of cooks have trouble with their weight just from sampling things as they go along.

It might not seem like much, but a taste here and there can add up.

If you nibble while you are cooking -- or if you clean up the plates of your young ones when they are finished eating -- you are going to have a very hard time losing weight.

Dr. Dan

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