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Atkins Diet success! For undisciplined people it's the way to go.

by Mariela Varela

I started Atkins diet, and it’s been great for me. It’s been quite a journey.

Eight months ago I decided to do something about my weight. I went to a nutritionist, paid a lot of money and had a personalized diet made for me and lost around 41 pounds in 4 months.

I was satisfied by the way I looked, so I stopped the diet. Over the next 3 months I gained 32 pounds.

I really don’t have the discipline to keep on with a diet with measurements and everything.

I’ve tried crazy Susanne Somers diets before, as well as the Zone, but for the type of person that I am, those kind of diets are way too complicated.

With Atkins it’s easy, you eat what you can eat from a list, and forget about everything else.

I go to a restaurant, drink water, a steak, a simple salad. I have eggs for breakfast, and tuna for dinner, so it feels like I am not dieting.

I know there are other diets which work, but for undisciplined people like me, Atkins is the way to go.

I’m always teaching fat people that every diet works, you just need to find out what’s yours. But I encourage them to try Atkins, because I think it fits to almost everybody.

I’ve already lost all the weight I need to lose. Sometimes I even eat not-allowed foods, and I'm never going to be fat again. That I swear.

I hope fat undisciplined people give a try to Atkins. I don't think they'll regret it.

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