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Atkins Diet Saved my Life

by Elaine
(Cheshire, CT USA)

I discovered Atkins Diet through an article in Vogue in 1977.

At that time, no labels showed any carbohydrate grams, so I had to buy a book listing carb counts. I gave up bread, etc., and ate only protein and nuts and allowed veggies.

I was stunned to find I felt terrific and this kept me on the straight and narrow. I lost about 35 pounds and feeling great and looking good made it easy to stay on it.

I only missed beer but I could have my bourbon so that wasn't a problem. I'll have to say I was happy when Miller Lite was introduced, though, even though it was an awful beer! Thank God for the Select beer we have now.

I've been on the diet ever since and never gained the weight back. I weigh every day and a two-pound creep sends me back to a day or two of careful Atkins.

I frequently eat things not recommended by the late Doctor, but one chocolate chip cookie pleases me, rather than the dozen I was eating before.

I was not surprised that it turned out to be good for diabetics since it really is quite healthy, even the butter. It's really too bad that people (not well-informed) are so scared of it.

As with anything, it's a good idea to read up on the science instead of just assuming it's another fad diet.

For me, it was a life-style that worked and still does. My doctor marvels at my good health and hates to hear me crediting Atkins.

I would never leave it and go back to my draggy ways before I took it up. The best part is avoiding all the chemicals in many foods (think margarine), which I'm sure has helped me to be so healthy.

You can make it work with a little intelligence: for example, I make all the household's bread and eat one slice a day. My family loves the homemade bread and I love my slice.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You make a great point. You can have your bread and even a cookie when you want if you eat a healthy diet most of the time.

You just can't eat a dozen cookies and not expect to gain weight.

Dr. Dan

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