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Atkins Diet Never Fails

by Barkley
(north port, fl)

I have done the Atkins Diet for years and always have quick and great results with it. I started doing this diet about ten or fifteen years ago and it is definitely my old faithful stand-by!

When I started this diet I was following my dad and brother who were both considerably overweight and lost a LOT of pounds.

I could not believe that I could eat all the pepperoni, cheese, cool whip and nuts that I wanted and still lose weight!

I found a website a few years ago with wonderful recipes that made the Atkins Diet a breeze. There were recipes for White Castle Casserole, Coneydog Pie, even a delicious pizza with a pork rind crust -- it was like I wasn't dieting at all!

My husband and I ate this way for months and never felt better!

The only problem with Atkins is if you slip you fall. The weight comes on almost as fast as it went off if you aren't careful about following the maintenance plan.

I have gone back on the diet since then with an even larger roadblock -- I am now a vegetarian. Could Atkins really be done without the meat? Of course!

I was happy to find all the Atkins shakes and delicious Atkins bars that are now available. There are so many options available now!

I also found a great recipe for Veggie soup with cabbage that has become a staple to my diet! It is filling, low-carb, and delicious in this cold weather!

This diet has been very successful for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight quickly.

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