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Atkins Diet Miracle

by Mark
(College Park, MD)

I decided after years of being lazy and gaining unneeded weight that I wanted to change the way I looked. I first researched many diets but found the one that looked to be the easiest and give the best results to be the Atkins diet.

I have read studies that suggest that the Atkins diet is unsafe but they don't have much concrete evidence and I didn't plan on staying on for that long.

The first two weeks of the Atkins diet is called induction. You are restricted to less than 20 carbs a day and many other things such as alcohol and caffeine are also restricted.

The tricky part is that some foods and drinks may have 0 or low carbs but also not be allowed during the induction phase.

One example of this is that some types of the liquor. Whiskey has zero carbs but is not allowed because it slows down your bodies transition into ketosis.

The Atkins Diet proved to be very challenging but I found that if you ate enough meat, eggs, poultry, etc. to fill you up, you can manage just fine.

I actually lost 11 pounds in the weeks of induction which was incredible. It was some water weight and the rest fat.

It put my body in ketosis and gave it the power to burn fat for energy instead of carbs.

I still have a few more pounds of weight to lose and have added a few more carbs to my diet each day.

I highly recommend this diet for quick results as long as you study the precautions and have good enough discipline to follow the strict diet.

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