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Atkins Diet -- It is time for me to get on it again.

by Carlos
(San Marcos, CA USA)

I originally got on the Atkins diet over five years ago and ever since, probably once a year, I have to go back to the maintenance phase in order to get back into shape.

When I first used it, I got immediate results within the program, especially with the induction phase where I lost 25 pounds in just a little over two weeks. I was amazed how fast and easy the weight literally just dropped off.

For me it was easy. For my sister it was not as easy. I believe my sister’s failure had to do with the lack of discipline needed especially during the induction phase.

I would get hungry under the induction phase but kept eating from the recommended food list. I was actually eating more than three meals a day, but stuck to the protein and ate whenever I was hungry. This was the key.

The food, which is mostly proteins, was not difficult at all for me, since I already incorporate plenty of proteins in my diet.

Eating out was a bit challenging but this is where discipline comes in. You must be committed and follow through, even at restaurants and at special occasions.

For me it was easy to stick to it because once I make the decision to do something, I follow through. I definitely would try it again, especially now during the holidays, where I have gained some weight.

I must go back to the maintenance phase of the diet in order to lose the holiday pounds. I definitely would recommend this diet to others.

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Note from Dr. Dan

I've seen similar results with the Atkins program many times.

The program is effective at rapid weight loss during the initial phase. However, most people have a hard time keeping the weight off.

In an ideal weight loss program you would lose weight, get to your ideal weight and stay there. Regaining weight after dieting leads to weight related problems in the long run.

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